Bradley Luke Totaro

Tech Enthusiast | Systems Engineer | Audio Video Lighting Specialist

Sussex NJ


Experienced developer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics industry. Skilled in C, Linux System Administration, Embedded Linux, JavaScript, and HTML. Teacher of PCB design and electrical engineering. Strong media and communication professional.


Individual Contractor

July 2014 - Present

Develop Hardware, printed circuit boards, firmware, assembly, and sourcing. Firmware, working with MIPS, Atmel AVR , PIC and STM microcontrollers/processors. Web development, Frontend , Backend, Database, Server Administration, providing architectural designs, and best code and security practices to clients.

Audio Technician at Mark Cantore LLC

May 2016 - Present

Setting up audio equipment for corporate events and weddings. Assisting in managing a team of workers. Mixing house sound and monitors. As someone who is passionate about music, this work is a labor of love for me. I enjoy getting away from the desk on weekends to move cases, preparing stages, and making unforgettable events happen.

Production Tech at Radial Park

Sept 2020 - December 2020 (Seasonal)

Setting up audio and video equipment, setup wireless and wired infrastructure for network and power to cover the entire area. Programmed video sequences and helped design transitions to automate a hybrid broadway/movie experience. Programmed lighting and audio automations. Operated cameras for a live show. Operated video switchers.

Embedded Systems Engineer at Olibra LLC

October 2017 - July 2019

Wrote C for micro-controllers. Verified hardware power and signal integrity for integrating products. Produce efficient code and hardware configurations. Firmware programming for existing embedded systems using ANSI C. Investigate and fix issues in existing firmware and hardware. Develop test scripts as needed using python. Work closely with Quality Engineers to ensure quality of firmware/hardware prior to release. Work with Hardware Engineers to improve and troubleshoot hardware.

Full-Stack Engineer at Gotham Analytics LLC

July 2014 - October 2017 (3 years 4 months)

Backend development in PHP, MYSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Spark, Java and Python. Frontend development in HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Pure, PHP, Vue. Linux server administration, Cassandra, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Apache, Nginx, proFTPd server administration. Networking Communications and Protocol Design. Big Data Analysis in R and Python. Embedded Development in C and Assembly for Atmel and STM32. Analog / Digital Electrical Engineering. PCB Design and Assembly. Process Automation.


Vernon Township High School (2010 - 2014)
Researching and Tinkering with everything (1996 - Present)


Computer Science

Media / Art

Mechanical / Electrical